Assassins Creed Origins Will Feature a Whole Country as a Map

Exploration plays a huge role in open world video games and Ubisoft knows that too well. This is why Ubisoft announced that Assassins Creed Origins will feature the biggest map any other game in the franchise ever had. This is great news especially since one of the greatest things about the Assassins Creed franchise is map exploration because players get to climb, jump and run on anything. Moreover, the game’s map will be set in Ancient Egypt and it will basically be an entire country, not just a large city.

Assassins Creed Origins

This is the latest installment in the highly popular game franchise and it is scheduled to come out on October 27th, 2017. The game will be playable cross platform which means that it runs on Xbox One X, PS4 and PC. However, the expectations are set really high in terms of graphics since Xbox One X is out and it is marketed as the most powerful gaming console ever built.

Ancient Egypt Map

As previously mentioned, this time Ubisoft decided to create an entire country instead of a large city. Ashraf Ismail who is the lead game director at Ubisoft stated the following: “Ancient Egypt meant many things for us; it meant cities, but also wilderness, and we wanted to show the diversity of this wilderness”. He then added the following statement: “And people, as they play the game and get into hours and hours of it, they’re constantly seeing new stuff from the world and the environment”.

It seems like Ashraf Ismail is more than a lead game director because he knows exactly what Assassins Creed players love to do. Running parkour style all around the game’s map is one of the most fun things players can do and time basically flies because this activity is so fun. Nonetheless, this huge map will also give Assassins Creed Origins a little bit of leverage over GTA V and Witcher 3: Wild Hunt who also feature large sized maps.

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