Assassins Creed Origin New CGI Trailer Reveals Two Major Historical Characters

Xbox One X is finally available for pre-orders starting today and the entire gaming community is going crazy about it. However, even though Xbox One X is being marketed as the “most powerful console ever built”, Microsoft still felt the need to add something more to its Gamescom 2017 press conference in order to get people hyped up. This is the reason why Microsoft kicked off the event with the new CGI video trailer for Assassins Creed Origins.

Assassins Creed Origins

As previously mentioned, Xbox One X is quite powerful when it comes to hardware specs. The console features 6 teraflops of processing power that’s accompanied by 12GB of GGDR5 RAM. Although this might be impressive, the specs don’t mean anything without an enhanced game. Well, this is where Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassins Creed Origins comes into play.

There are many awesome game franchises out there but there isn’t even one that can be compared with the success that Assassins Creed has. The game series has been going for a couple of years now and it’s still running strong. Nonetheless, the game will feature enhanced 4K graphics which will highlight Xbox One X’s true hardware power.

Julius Caesar and Cleopatra

The CGI trailer looks just like a blockbuster movie but best thing about it though is that it gives us some insight on what will the game’s plot revolve around. The trailer shows us two main characters who played a major role in the world’s history and they are Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. While we might not know if players will get to directly interact with these two characters, we can still be sure that they will influence how the game’s story turns out. All in all, the short teasers lead us to believe that Assassins Creed Origins might actually live up to the hype Microsoft has created.

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