ARMS Receives Major Update Which Brinsg it to Version 2.1.0

Nintendo Switch just came out a few months ago and its one of the bestselling gaming consoles ever made. This is quite an impressive feat when taking in consideration that Nintendo is going against Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which have been around the market for a while now. Nonetheless, the reason why Switch is so successful is because it is a hybrid console and also because it offers new games which are focused around having fun.

Obviously everybody knows about Nintendo Switch’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild exclusive title, but another cool, fun and lovable game that is exclusive to Switch is ARMS. This game has been designed with one single purpose in mind, and that’s to allow players to have a great time with their friends. The fact that the game is so fun to play is the reason why ARMS already sold millions of units. In addition, Nintendo announced that it plans to keep on providing ARMS players with free updates and content.

Major Update

The reason we are talking about ARMS today is because the game’s developer recently launched the 2.1.0 update. This is a major release and it includes a bunch of cool features alongside many tweaks and spell balancing. Sadly, this update doesn’t’ include a new fighter. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the biggest changes that this update brings.

First off, the user interface now features the “Training” panel at the top of the menu. Furthermore, the “Training” panel has received five new items which increase the difficulty levels. The pose, result and replay menus have also been adjusted to improve user experience. Last but not least, also worth mentioning is that a couple of fighters have received some balancing changes such as Master Mommy’s improved speed of dash and Mechanical’s speed of jumping for example.

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