Apple Hires JailbreakMe Creator As An Intern

We ‘ll try and ignore the fact that this is happening just one day after Steve Jobs’ departure as CEO. But as it is now, Apple has hired the services of JailbreakMe creator, Nicholas Allegra aka Comex. We ourselves have previously sung praises of the JailbreakMe tool, which jailbreaks your iDevice online, without any need for tethering or even connecting your device and then pressing a bunch of buttons in some order.

Allegra himself is a self-confessed Apple fanboy, so this should be a dream come true for him. Of course the motivation behind the move is quite clear. Allegra and Apple engaged in the cat and mouse game, whereby Comex would release a new JailbreakMe tool for the newly released versions of iOS, which Apple would fix with an update until Comex would strike again and so on. So what better way to stop the crime than to hire the criminal, huh? Additionally, Allegra will probably now be heavily involved in reviewing new developments of iOS, searching for security vulnerabilities and giving feedback to the developers for improvement.  Also, this move is reminiscent of the WP7 Chevron episode as well as that of the CyanogenMod episode. Looks like there is finally an area where Apple is not the leader! You gotta wonder though what Jobs’ reaction to this would be!


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