Apple Enhances iPhone 8 Security with 3D Face Scanning Module

September is not that far away and Apple fans need to start preparing themselves because iPhone 8 is going to be unveiled. The highly anticipated smartphone will not only look better than ever but it will also be packed with innovative features. Even though iPhone 8 will be unveiled in September, we still have a good idea of what to expect since the internet is flooded with Apple leaks.

Face ID Leak

The latest leak in the smartphone world shows the picture of Apple’s 3D face scanning module that will be equipped on iPhone 8. This means that Apple wants to get rid of the classic Touch ID fingerprint sensor and opt in for a face scan instead. Although, this isn’t the first time that we hear about this since Ming Chi Kuo, who is a KGI analyst that has a good track record of predicting Apple products has already said that Apple wants to remove the fingerprint sensor and to replace it with a more unique feature.


One of the best things about Apple products is that they are really safe. Apple puts a high price on user security and always goes the extra mile in order to ensure that. This is why Apple’s Face ID technology will enhance iPhone 8’s security to a whole other level than a fingerprint scanner ever could.

The only issue that fans might have with this new feature that Apple wants to implement on iPhone 8 is that people will be forced to hold their devices directly to their faces in order to unlock it. Well, according to Ming Chi Kuo, this is not going to be case since Apple’s 3D face scanning module is capable of working from different angles. Therefore, iPhone 8 will automatically be unlocked when users pick it up.

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