Android TV: This is What to Expect from Android 8.0 Oreo

The most talked about subject in the Android community right now is Oreo’s arrival. Oreo is Google’s new operating system and it said to completely revolutionize the Android user experience. Every flagship smartphone is scheduled to receive Android 8.0 during the upcoming weeks. However, we can’t say the same thing about TVs though. TV manufacturers are not known for pushing software updates as soon as they come out. Therefore, we can’t be sure when the update will arrive in the Android TV community. Nonetheless, here is what Android TV owners can expect from Google’s latest operating system.


One of the biggest differences between Android TVs and smartphones is that TVs don’t necessarily use apps. Once an app is downloaded and installed it becomes a channel. Sadly, Android TVs have a limited number of channels but that number will expand when Android 8.0 arrives. Furthermore, Google’s new operating system will also support a bunch of new apps such as HBO GO and Netflix. We can also expect to see a few design changes when it comes to how channels are represented in the interface.

Video Preview

Android Oreo will include a neat feature that’s going to make searching for the right content so much easier than it already is. The feature is called video preview and once users hover a channel or thumbnail, a short video preview will start. This might not be such a ground-breaking feature but it will certainly make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.


Another great feature that’s been specially developed to enhance the user Android experience is favorites. This is a new app tab that will appear at the top of the home screen. Favorites will contain a list with all of the user’s most frequented apps, thus making it easier to access them.

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