Android Oreo, Oatmeal Cookie or Octopus?

It’s no secret that Google’s Android operating system is the most popular mobile OS in the world, and this is mainly due to its incredible availability on a variety of devices. The current version that’s running on most devices that support it is Android 7.0 Nougat or some update of it. Unfortunately, unlike Apple’s iOS, Android rolls out in quite a fragmented manner, which means that there are still plenty of devices that aren’t running the newest version, or aren’t running Nougat at all, although they could support it.

But all that will change with Android O, which is set to be released early this fall. Some people even claim that the OS might come as early as the end of August, but we just have to wait and see about that one. In the meantime, the many beta previews of the OS have been entirely telling of what features and other surprises Android O might have in store for us. But they never told us this one important thing: what does the ‘O’ stand for?

The newest rumor claims that the official name of Android O will be unveiled next week, so we’ll soon see what delightful dessert this one has been named after. Here are all our guesses thus far.

Android Oreo

This is the most obvious out of the bunch, and the one that has been the most rumored about in the first months since Google announced the OS at Google I/O. But a recent AMA with the devs behind it indicated otherwise.

Android Oatmeal Cookie

A lot of devs in the Reddit AMA dedicated to Android O seemed to favor this variant.

Android Octopus

This is the latest rumor, and it claims that Google wants to do something unexpected with the name and not choose a dessert. This rumor started due to the cute little octopus Easter egg added in the latest beta.

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