Android Oreo Bluetooth Connectivity Issue Might Delay Its Launch

Nexus and Pixel smartphone owners are the ones who are able to download the final version of Android Oreo right now. However, that might not be such a good idea since Android 8.0 is still experimental software and it bugs out when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity. In fact, the issue is so widespread that Google was forced to acknowledge this problem and ask for additional information.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

What happens is that smartphones which run on Google’s latest Android Oreo operating system are no longer able to connect to headphones, speakers and even cars. The bug that’s causing this issue is quite serious since people are not able to connect their handsfree devices and participate in conversations while driving. Therefore, Google’s forum is flooded with Bluetooth connectivity complaints.

Real Problem

The real problem here is not the bug that’s causing Bluetooth connectivity issues but the fact that Google will reschedule the time table for rolling out Android 8.0 to other smartphones. If Google is not able to fix this issue in a timely manner then it means that Android fans will have to wait a little more longer until they can get their hands on Google’s latest operating system.

Asking for Information

As previously mentioned, Google put out a statement in which it asked Nexus and Pixel smartphone owners for additional information about the accessories that they can’t connect to their smartphones. Therefore, Nexus and Pixel owners are encouraged to inform Google of their car’s year/make/model, headphone brand and speaker brand.

Let’s hope that Google is able to roll out a quick OTA (over the air) fix and resolve this issue as fast as possible. However, if the Android parent is not able to get rid of this bug then it means that other smartphones won’t receive Android Oreo during this month.

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