Android “O” Will be Unveiled on August 21st During Google Livestream

There have been many widespread rumors and speculations regarding Google’s upcoming Android 8.0 “O” operating system, but now we finally have an official launch date. The Android parent recently launched a new website that’s been especially designed to commemorate two major events, the solar eclipse and Android 8.0’s launch which both will take place on August 21st.

Android “O” August 21st Release

While many might still think that this launch date is just a rumor, I beg to differ since Google’s own temporary redirect from “” proves that its true. Things get even better though since Google also announced that its new operating system will be unveiled during a livestream that starts at 2:40PM EST (11:40AM PST, 7:47PM GMT).

Google Livestream

Google’s decision to unveil the new operating system during a livestream is a great since this way, the Android parent makes sure that everyone tunes in. Moreover, Google also doesn’t need to spend additional revenue on marketing. Another thing that we can expect to be unveiled during the livestream other than Android 8.0’s features, is its full codename. Will it be Oreo, Oatmeal or Orangina?


The reason why Google’s operating system is being used by billions of smartphones every day is because it is packed with essential features. Thankfully, Google allowed beta testers to try the developer preview of it and we already have an idea of what type of features it will offer. Just as an example, Android 8.0 will completely change Android smartphones multi-tasking capabilities since it will feature a new picture-in-picture mode.

Last but not least, we need to mention that there’s still some hope that Google might release some additional information about its upcoming Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. This is actually a great opportunity for Google to create some hype for its smartphones since the entire Android community will be tuning in to the livestream.

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