Android Auto v2.5 Based on Calendar New Appointment Cards

Android Auto is a great app and there are many people out there who are both drivers and Android users that will attest to that. There are many features to love when it comes to Android Auto, and based on Google’s possibilities in terms of reach and resources, there are much more that could come at any minute. Speaking of new features, a new update has started to spread across the community. The rollout for the latest update brings little changes in terms of features, but the important one comes rather subtle.

In between bug fixes

It’s pretty easy to miss the newest feature added to Android Auto simply because it’s kind of hidden between maintenance and bug fix additions to the app. But if you push all that aside and take a good look at what the app does differently since the last build, you will notice that it makes use of the phone’s calendar app in a major way.

Calendar appointments

Now, Android Auto is able to read your calendar appointments and suggest driving directions based on your appointments for that day. It’s a pretty neat feature to have. You might not be familiar with the shortest way to an appointment, case in which Android Auto’s help is more than welcomed.  Even if you know the way to an appointment by heart, it’s still pretty easy to mix things up or just forget where you’re supposed to go, especially if you have a hectic schedule.

But just as the calendar helps you stay on top of all your appointments and tasks, so too does the Android Auto app add more functionality to the driving aspect of your busy day.

More features coming?

It’s hard to say whether this is just one in a long series of upcoming features or if it’s just a solitary effort from Android Auto to bring more functionality to the table. The only thing we can be sure of is the fact that Android Auto can be much bigger than it actually is, simply because it has the power of Google’s analytics at its disposal. However, the developers have been really careful what information they use and how they use it.

Nowadays, private information scandals are very prone to erupting and creating a nasty scene for everyone. That has been the case with many apps, software and services, from app companies to the top dogs like Google and Microsoft. Knowing that you’re not getting as many features as you could possibly get because someone is thinking about your privacy is kind of bitter sweet. The most important thing to focus on now is the new calendar feature available to those that have received the Android Auto update.

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