Android 8.0 “O” Expected to Roll Out Next Week: Check Out These Amazing Features

The reason why Google’s operating system is being used by over 1.4 billion active smartphones is because the Android parent keeps on launching a constant stream of updates to it. However, the OS also receives a complete overhaul once a year and the time for Android 8.0 “O” is near. Google’s upcoming software update will enhance the already smooth Android user experience with a bunch of innovative features and system performance tweaks. Nonetheless, Android 8.0 “O” is said to come out next and today we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest features that it will include.

Adaptive Icons and Badges

Customization plays a big part in the Android experience and it is also something that sets it apart from Apple’s iOS. Android 8.0 “O” will allow people to customize the way app icon and badges look on their smartphones. This new feature will be supported in device settings, app overview screen, sharing dialogues and even in the basic launcher.


Smartphones are becoming essential to our everyday lives and the reason behind this is because they make it easier for us make schedules, work and even hail down Ubers. Google knows that multi-tasking is vital for Android fans who enjoy working on their smartphone and that’s why Android 8.0 “O” will include a picture in picture mode.


One of the most anticipated feature that’s being brought by Android 8.0 “O” is the support for AptX codec. This feature enhances Bluetooth audio quality to the point that it sounds very similar to CD players. Many people believe that this feature hints towards the fact that Google wants to follow Apple’s footsteps and remove the classic 3.5mm audio headphone jack. The reason why this theory sounds believable is because Android fans will be able to use AptX codec on wireless headphones and get a higher quality audio experience.

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