AllGo Embedded System show a $50 Android Tablet Prototype

Sure some crazy development is going on in India, first we see the $35 tablet which will be introduced to the Indian education system next year and now this prototype of a $50 tablet running Android 1.6.

This prototype comes from an Indian company known as AllGo Embedded Systems and the guys have managed to build up a tablet device which takes just about $50. Obviously it will be going out at a higher retail price but you can expect it to be quite affordable. This 7-inch prototype model is being called “Stamp,” it has a WVGA display with an 800 x 480 resolution and it can also connect using WiFi.

Check out the video:

It definitely looks like a capable device but before it I believe that the guys would have to work on a better design and a much improved interface. Also, the guys have mentioned that the manufacturing cost can be brought down by a considerable amount if they get business with some mass manufacturer.

Source: Techie Buzz

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