Aircel & Huawei Conduct LTE Field Trials, 4G Looms Closer?

This is certainly good news for all mobile internet users. Chinese manufacturer Huawei and Indian service provider Aircel recently conducted India’s first LTE field trial, signaling that 4G, the next generation technology to power mobile connectivity, could hit Indian shores sooner than expected.

While it is indeed true that 3G services have just been introduced this calendar year onwards, even as it rolled out in certain circles very recently, it is certainly heartening to see that for once, our country is taking a pro active approach in making sure that it stays technologically up to date and ready for any latest changes.

For those who are unaware, 4G technology is implemented either through LTE or WiMax. While devices employing the latter are already out in the market, LTE ready devices should be out by the end of this calendar year, as per those in the industry. Most prefer LTE, as it is backward compatible, meaning that any device that works with LTE will also work on GSM, CDMA and 3G networks. Also, auctions for the 4G spectrum were held earlier this year after the 3G spectrum auction. Here are the key allocations that were a result of the auction:

  • Reliance bagged spectrum in all the 22 circles
  • Airtel got spectrum in 4 circles
  • Aircel has spectrum allocation in 8 circles
  • Tikona has spectrum allocation in 5 circles
  • QualComm has spectrum allocation in 4 circles
  • State players BSNL and MTNL were already allocated spectrum before the auction, but have launched WiMax services in very few loactions

2 thoughts on “Aircel & Huawei Conduct LTE Field Trials, 4G Looms Closer?”

  1. “Chinese manufacturer Huawei and Indian service provider Aircel recently conducted the world’s first LTE field trial,”

    Please check your facts. LTE 4G service is already active in the US via Verizon which has launched several 4G enabled phones.

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