Dropbox CHEAPENS 1TB of Storage for $9.99 per Month, Improves Security

It’s hot on the cloud storage battlefield, and sides are doing their best to stay in the business. Dropbox is one of them, and the company is trying hard to keep its users, and attract the new ones by improving pricing plan and introducing the new features.


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Dropbox Pro plan will now be one of the most affordable options for cloud storage for those who want plenty of storage space. Dropbox decided to improve its pricing structure, so Dropbox Pro will be now be priced at $9.99 a month or $99 a year for 1 terabyte of storage.

This is a big improvement, because Dropbox was offering just 100GB for the same price, some time ago. Namely, a half of the storage space that is available for $10 per month used to cost $50, so this is a big improvement, and it should attract a lot of new users.

Additionally, a lot of new sharing controls have been added. For example, you can now set up passwords for links that you shared, so only people who posses the password can access it.

This will add another level of security to your shared files. You’ll be also able to set expiration date to shared links by limiting time they are available to access. Furthermore, users can now control view permissions, so only certain users from their list could access their files.

Dropbox added an ability to remotely delete your storage content, while safely backing them up in Dropbox. This is very helpful if you lose your phone, and you don’t want a ‘honest finder’ to access your files. You can wipe down your content simply by accessing your account from different computer or handset device.

Dropbox is trying really hard to beat competition, but it’s becoming complicated, because Google and Amazon are also rapidly cutting prices of their services. The company puts its hopes to the fact that Dropbox is available on all platforms and has the most effective sync.

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