BMW M2 SPOTTED in Germany, Release Date Approaching?

I believe it is safe to say that people have kept vigil, eagerly waiting for the next BMW car. For a start, the BMW M2 is going undergoing testing and has been seen on the streets in Germany lately before it is officially unveiled to the world next year. 

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Last month, a BMW M2 prototype was seen in Germany on a testing session and the bystanders had the blessing of stealing a look and taking some pictures of the gorgeous car; although, the BMW M2 prototype sported the camouflage which hid some of its design features, the prominent features were still visible to the naked and observant eye.

The BMW M2 prototype had an aggressive front fascia, a streamlined spoiler ,M 4 exhaust pipes, flared fenders and M brakes.

The BMW M2 is in the pre Final Evaluation Phase and it is unlikely that the company will consider revamping the car, which implies that what we are telling you about BMW M2 will most likely materialize.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that BMW M2 will adopt the state-of-the-art chassis technology that is found in BMW M3 and BMW M4 which also includes electronically controlled rear slip differential, also called Active M Differential.

Moreover, last month a credible source revealed that another BMW M2 is running a modified version of N55 Twin Power 3 liter engine which will be turbocharged and that BMW M2 will run on both automatic and manual transmission.

In addition, the BMW M2 is believed to have a horsepower between 360 to 380; if that is not to be the case, it is confirmed that it will have a higher horsepower than that of the BMW M235i.

BMW M2’s production will begin in November 2015 and sales beginning in March 2016.

The picture of BMW M2 above shows that BMW M2 will be a promising car like most BMW cars and we hope that it does not undergo any delay so that BMW fans can rest peacefully.

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