Rambo 5 Release Date Approaching Fast, Here are the Latest Details

On hearing the name Sylvester Stallone we immediately conjure up the image of his hard-hitting persona of Rambo. The Rambo movie series has further cemented Sylvester Stallone’s position as one of Hollywood’s best action hero. 


The Rambo movie series has explored many different action scenarios; while all of them revolve around Sylvester Stallone’s war-like expeditions, all parts of the movie show a different country, locations and obviously a new story line.

After the release and success of Rambo 4, Rambo aficionados were eager to hear if they were ever going to see another Rambo movie, and although the talk still lingers, it has been roughly confirmed that Rambo 5 will grace the screens in 2015.

Rambo 5 will be written by Sylvester Stallone himself and feature him as Rambo, a troubled war veteran, taking on a Mexican Cartel in Mexico for the last time. Yes, you read that correctly, the 67 year old Sylvester Stallone will star in Rambo for the last time.

Initially, Sylvester Stallone had expressed disinterest in reprising the role of Rambo again, but the multi-million dollar success of the franchise could never have kept Sylvester Stallone from another Rambo movie. About his disinterest in the movie, Sylvester Stallone said the following in early 2014:

“I’d love to do another Rambo, but maybe if he works in Las Vegas. Maybe it’s run its course.”

However, insider reports have suggested that Sylvester Stallone has completed work on writing the screenplay and has said the last installation in the Rambo series will be more like the famous movie “No Country for Old Men.” Like Rambo 4, Rambo 5 is being produced by Avi Lerner of Expendables 1-3.

It is not confirmed, but rumor has it that in Rambo 5 Sylvester Stallone will go to Mexico to fight a drug carter which has kidnapped an American girl.

It is quite admirable that Sylvester Stallone still has in himself the true spirit of Rambo that he is able to star in action movies at the age of 67! That is a quite a feat.

Whether Rambo 5 will be as successful as its predecessor or not, lets hope that Sylvester Stallone gets his reward and is able to put on a mesmerizing performance in Rambo 5.

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