GTA Online 1.6 Update: Here’s the FULL Changelog

Developer of GTA franchise, Rockstar Games has already released a couple of updates for GTA Online, including the latest, San Andreas Flight School. And now, the studio will release the latest 1.16 patch, which will include some major changes for the game.


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First thing that was mentioned in the official announcement is the listing of all the new actions that players are able to do now. Most of these activities are about flying with a bunch of new airplanes, this means that players will have more ways to explore the world and transport your crew to a potential place of fight.

Along with new airplanes, players will also get new vehicles and many bug fixes in order to improve the overall experience of playing GTA Online. Along with new driving units, a bunch of new jobs have also been added, and Stocks and Scares, Chemical Extraction, Rich Men in Richman, and Hack and Dash have been revived.

Rockstar adds:

– Players can now set the duration for One on One Deathmatches in the Interaction Menu.
– A new on/off option has been added to the Interaction Menu to allow players to choose whether to wear a Helmet when using Motorbikes.
– Co-op teams now appear grouped on Mission Leaderboards.
– When using a Plane, you can now toggle the minimap by using D-pad down.

GTA Online was released in late 2013 and had many problems with bugs and other, but Rockstar initially fixed all the problems with a number of patches, and the GTA world now looks good and users now enjoy in playing the game.

Most GTA Online fans are waiting to hear news about the forthcoming Heists update, but Rockstar didn’t reveal any information about it since its official announcement. The Heists update will probably bring many new cooperative missions, so the game will get the whole new dimension with it.

Additionally, some rumors around the internet claim that some zombie content for GTA Online might be under an early stage of development.

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