The Golf Club RELEASED for Xbox One and Steam, PS4 Version in Pending Approval

The Golf Club, a  magnificent simulation of real golf, has been released for Xbox One and PC, and can be downloaded on Steam for PC and Xbox Live for Xbox One. However, for Playstation 4 it is awaiting approval, which is likely to transpire in the next few weeks.
the golf club ps4 xbox one

The Golf Club is a simulation of real life golf and has been developed by an independent developer, HB Studios. The game was initially planned to hit the markets for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 simultaneously, but as said by the studios that the Playstation 4 version is “pending certification approval,” the game was held back from release on all platforms, and later released for Xbox One and PC.

For Playstation 4, however, HB Studios has said the game will probably come to the markets in less than a month, indicating its release either by the end of August or early September.

The time chosen by HB Studios for release of the Golf Club has been cleverly planned, I believe, as it offers HB Studios a chance to cement the footing of its game since EA Sports is on a hiatus on its PGA Tour series.

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The Golf Club is a thoroughly developed game built on the Unity engine. The most radiant feature of Golf Club is its vast Course Creator which allows players to create large-scale 18 hole golf courses from scratch. The Course Creator features a vast array of functions that generate courses according to users’ commands.

The courses created can then be shared with other players across all three platforms. Moreover, the game comes with a large array of pre-designed courses that can serve as models for further modification or to let players have a taste of the game right from the start.

Furthermore, the game has Stroke Play, 4 ball modes, Match Play, Online play and does not have loading time between different holes on a course. Golf Club distinctively features extremely fluid controls that enable players to not focus on hitting a bar on the power bar. What’s cool about Golf Club is that factors like weather conditions, ball spin and terrain also influence the gameplay.

All in all, Golf Club is an exciting game for golf aficionados and those who have exhausted EA Sports’ PGA Tour series, it is about time that you guys try having a taste of another golf game.

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