NEW HOT SCREENSHOTS for Batman: Arkham Knight Make the Release Exciting

Rocksteady Games is preparing some surprises for all Batman fans. They’re working on the last game of the “Arkham” series, called “Batman: Arkham Knight”. Official screenshots of the gamplay were recently released, and you can check them out in this post.


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The action returns to Gotham! The new game from Batman franchise is on the horizon. Developer Rocksteady is currently working on the new member of Batman franchise family. The new game is called “Batman: Arkham Knight” and is scheduled to release in June 2015. The game was originally set for October this year, but it was pushed to June 2015. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The storyline is set in Gotham, approximately  one year after the events of “Arkham City,” after the death of the Joker. Though Batman’s arch enemy is no longer bringing chaos in Gotham, “Arkham Knight” will bring a new lineup of villains to the dark city.  One amazing addition of “Arkham Knight” will be ability of driving Batmobile. Every Batman fan will be definitely thrilled with this piece of news.

The experience of controlling this vehicle will be simply incredible, as the Batmobile will have the ability to perform burnouts, jumps and boosts while simultaneously being bulletproof. “Basically … nothing stops the Batmobile. It’s pretty much an unstoppable force,” said game designer Sefton Hill earlier this spring. “When you think Batman, you do think Batmobile. It’s the one key thing that we’ve really felt that we always wanted to do.”

The game will be available only in single-player mode, and will be the last game from “Arkham” series. Kevin Conroy will remain as a voice of Batman. Conroy also portrayed the dark knight in “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and “Batman: Arkham City.”

Recently, gameplay screenshots of “Batman: Arkham Knight” were released at GamesCon in Germany this week. You can check them out below, along with a picture of the brand new Batmobile.

ark2 ark3 ark4 ark5

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