Windows 9 TECHNICAL PREVIEW to Get Released this September or October

Speculators around the internet claim that Windows 9 will see the daylight sometime in spring of 2015. Until then, Microsoft will release the first Windows 9 technical preview for those who want to meet the new OS before its official release. We should expect the technical preview somewhere in September or October.


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A few birds around the internet are tweeting about Microsoft’s possible decision to delay the release of Windows 9 Preview for a few weeks, as development of this very first public version of the new OS isn’t going exactly as planned.

This rumor comes from Twitter account of Faikee, and we have many reasons to believe him, because he was providing us with lots of true and valuable information about the upcoming Microsoft’s operating system. But, just in case, this rumor has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft or someone from its development team.

Users are expecting from Windows 9 to bring a lot of changes and improvements, compared to Windows 8. On the other side Redmond based company hopes that fans will accept their new operating systems much better than they did the previous one.

The most anticipated features Windows 9 are: a new Start menu that will return after Windows 7 and restore the whole desktop functionality of Windows operating system, a PC version of virtual assistant – Cortana, Internet Explorer 12, and some Metro UI improvements.

The Charms bar is very likely to be removed from the desktop, while some people close to Microsoft also claimed that there would be additional changes, including a new place for the taskbar clock.

Just for reminder, we want to point out that Microsoft doesn’t wish to reveal any addition details about future projects, so all of this is just a speculation.

But, if a Windows 9 Preview build is really scheduled to be released next month, we should expect that Microsoft will share more information about the project in the future. If you’re not familiar with the new features and improvements of Windows 9 (codenamed Threshold), you should definitely check them out, you’ll probably like them.

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