The New Mass Effect Game Said to Have Xbox One and PS4 Versions

Bioware is working hard on preparing new gaming titles for the next-gen consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They’ve recently announced that they’re working on the new, highly anticipated game from Mass Effect franchise. The new installment of Mass Effect will be the second ever Bioware game to appear on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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Dragon Age: Inquisition will be the first title ever to appear on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, developed by Bioware. In order to that, Bioware has prepared some great graphical performances, that will satisfy even the most requiring gamers. But, the next Bioware title that will appear on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has a potential to have even better graphics than Dragon Age, it is the fourth installment of Mass Effect.

Alistair McNally, a senior director for creative development at Bioware, revealed that Dragon Age: Inquisition is still ultimately a cross-generational release.

Last-generation limitations are required for Dragon Age: Inquisition, even though the game will be released for the next-gen consoles. McNally also noted that the new Mass Effect game will be an exclusive for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and that the developer would make the game which offers truly “next-gen” graphical performances.

We know a little bit more about the new installment of Mass Effect title now. The most notable information that was announced by the developer thus fur is that the new game will introduce a new main character to the story.

In the new Mass Effect game players will not control Commander Shepard, like it was the case in previous Mass Effect installments. It is because of Bioware’s decision to change the main character, that was revealed earlier. Besides change of the main character, the new Mass Effect game won’t be titled “Mass Effect 4”, because the company said that the new title will symbolize the change of the protagonist.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any exact information about the cast of the new Mass Effect game thus far.

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