Verizon’s own 8-Inch Tablet Coming to The U.S Soon?

Verizon currently sells a number of cellular capable devices manufactured by different companies, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia etc. There’s also the 7 Inch Verizon Ellipsis Android tablet, that is exclusive to the carrier as it was manufactured for them. But soon, there may be a 8 inch Verizon tablet too.verizon-tablet-pc

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Verizon already offers a number of devices to its users, but according to some newly leaked documents, we may be seeing an 8-inch Verizon tablet soon.Like the 7-inch Verizon Ellipsis Android tab, the 8-inch version will be exclusively manufactured for Verizon, and will not be available with any other carrier.

The tablet will most likely be manufactured by Taiwanese device maker Quanta. According to the product listing at the Bluetooth SIG website (embedded above), the device will be called a “Verizon Tablet PC” and will feature Bluetooth 4.0 support.

At this time though, we’re not sure whether the device will run on Android or Windows. For me though, the name “Verizon Tablet PC” suggests a portable computer, most likely running on Windows.

Since the tablet will be sold by Verizon, it should feature 3G and 4G support, but that of course can’t be confirmed until Verizon officially announces the tablet. Other than that, the device carries the model number QTAQZ3.

We currently don’t have any other info regarding specifications, but we’ll be sure to let you know if there are any new developments.

The reason why carriers are now deciding to develop their own tablets is that less and less people are now willing to spend over $200 for a tablet. The Verizon Ellipsis tablet cost just $50 on a two-year contract. The tablet was quite basic, with a 7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor inside.

While not impressive, these kind of tablets do appeal for many users, who just want something portable to check their email, browse Facebook etc. In the end, this will result in more money for Verizon and less money for other OEMs.

We are expecting other major carriers to soon follow Verizon’s move, by introducing their own tablets for sale.

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