Ubuntu Touch RTM Version to get Released Soon by Canonical

Mark Shuttleworth has said on a number of occasions that the first Ubuntu-powered smartphones should be arriving this Autumn, but unfortunately, the developers yet aren’t available to ship a stable version so soon. Now, a separate branch of Ubuntu Touch that will get RTM status, and will mainly be focused on bug fixes and stability issues.


The development of Ubuntu Touch is separated into a number of branches. Amongst those, only one is currently stable, and the developers are not sure they’ll be able to provide a stable version to ship so soon.

So, the developers are considering a separate branch of Ubuntu Touch, one that will get a RTM (release-to-manufacturer) status. The RTM branch will be mainly focused on bug-fixes and stability improvements. If the RTM version indeed does release, it will be the most stable version released so far.

The RTM version may be used by default on the BQ and Meizu phones. Still, for a mass release of the OS, it will have to become more stable.

Colin Watson, the technical lead for the Foundations Team, had the following to say about the Ubuntu Touch RTM branch to his official mailing list:

“The Ubuntu phone images are due to hit the release-to-manufacturing (RTM) point later this cycle. With the pace of the phone work, it doesn’t look practical to deal with this by SRUing all the required changes into trusty – we’re talking about substantial feature development which probably wouldn’t be manageable in trusty even with a rather liberal SRU policy for phone-specific components.”

“We don’t want to have the phone work interfere too much with other Ubuntu developers, so we need some reasonable way to create a stable branch for RTM, preferably without just hiding everything off in some non-Launchpad repository that would require lots of work in our CI tools to handle.”

Originally, the plan was to make Ubuntu Touch available for the complete Google Nexus range, be it tablets or smartphones. As of lately though, the developer dropped the support for the Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 7 2012 and Google Nexus 10.

Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth hopes that by the time the first Ubuntu Touch powered phones hit the market, there will be a lot of quality apps available for users. Until though, we’re still waiting for Ubuntu Touch to finally come out, which we still have no official date on.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Touch RTM Version to get Released Soon by Canonical”

  1. Altogether, it’s a bit of a young mess, isn’t it. And that’s really the only thing Canonical’s announcement makes clear: consumers – don’t look for a decent product to hit the marketplace any time soon; manufacturers – sorry guys, ‘our bad’. 😐

  2. Canonical consistently underestimates the amount of time it will take them to release any new feature or product to a factor of about 3. It surprises me that they are willing to keep making the same mistake. It’s terrible for business to keep letting people down after promising new products “later this year” when they are entirely incapable of making the release date. This troubles me because I am a strong supporter of Ubuntu, but these shifting release dates will NEVER gain them any respect in the consumer marketplace.

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