Facebook’s Android App Gets Improvements for Reliability and Speed

Facebook needs no introduction, being used by millions of users across the world. Now, it has pushed an important update for Android users that seems to be well-received.

facebook android app

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The official changelog of the Android app for Facebook users revealed that a bunch of improvements for reliability and speed have been deployed, without other details. However, it seems that the crash rate has been significantly decreased.

Nonetheless, many users are disappointed, reporting various errors. But most of them seem to be pissed off on the new Facebook Messenger rules. Here’s what one of them has been saying:

“I am not interested in downloading another separate app just to read my messages. No, it is not faster that way. So you did some studies found people get on more if the use both apps, guess that’s another opportunity to advertise to us. Oh, and why do you need to record audio and video at anytime from my phone? Nope, you do NOT get those permissions. ”

and here’s another one:

“Im uninstalling your facebook app due too your new messenger. No I will not give consent to this new messenger app as I think it is utter crap that you have to download a different app just to read your messages. So as of now I have started using chrome to visit facebook. Fix this back to normal!! I will not have my privacy breached because yous have signed those rights away too police force. Faggets. ”

What’s your take on this? Are you also one of those who’re uninstalling the app because of the new rules imposed by the Facebook Messenger app? Sound off in the section from below.

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