BlackBerry Classic Specs SPOTTED as Release Date is Getting Closer

BlackBerry Classic is one of the upcoming smartphones to be launched by the Canadian company, and represents one of the last hopes for the company to get back its previous fame.
blackberry classic release

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BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen, has previously confirmed that the smartphone will be launched this year, along with the somewhat ugly BlackBerry Passport, but the pecs sheet of the two upcoming devices wasn’t disclosed.

However, the guys from N4BB have just spotted the smartphone’s benchmark scores and some of its specs in Geekbench Browser’s database. If these results are anything to go by, the BlackBerry Classic will have the following tech specs: a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5GHz and 2GB of RAM.

Indeed, these seem to be the same specs as the BlackBerry Z10, but the BlackBerry Classic looks to have obtained a better score than the former. The BlackBerry Z10 has been listed with a score of 453, and the Classic got 500 points in Geekbench Browser benchmark. This could be due to software improvements found in the Classic’s OS which the Z10 doesn’t have yet.

The BlackBerry Classic is said to be the symbolic successor of the Q10, which means it will pack a full QWERTY keyboard. Its release is said to take place sometime in November, so all of you QWERTY-lovers out there should get prepared.

BlackBerry tries what it can do in order to reclaim its lost fame and recently it has engaged itself into an open war against newcomer Blackphone, who says to be making the world’s most secure and privacy-focused smartphone.

What are the reasons for which you’re still excited about BlackBerry? Let us know by leaving your comment below.

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One thought on “BlackBerry Classic Specs SPOTTED as Release Date is Getting Closer”

  1. I’ve actually have never had a BB. But I plan on getting the classic when available. My reasons:
    1. Physical Keyboard. I’ve owned many Palm devices when they were in business. When they no longer sold phones switched to an iPhone. Typing is much slower on a touch keyboard. Accessing things like special characters is particularly annoying.
    2. It doesn’t run an OS by one of the conglomerates Google or Apple.
    2a. Privacy. These companies do not have user privacy in mind. Obviously Google is an advertising company and if you read Apples privacy policy it states they do not consider your location and your unique device identifier as private information and they can share with anyone.
    2b Security. Having fewer aps is not a bad thing. The more apps there are the more potential security risks there are. I use almost no aps on my iphone. Also, almost any app could be made in HTML and JavaScript and work in a web browser. This has the benefit of being more secure and cross platform. There is too much personal information contained in cell phones that the benefits of apps do not outweigh the risks.
    I am curious on the permissions that BB gives you over apps. I know that on Android and iOS you have little to no control. So people make apps for the sole propose of collecting data on people. ie. flashlight apps that collect your location, etc for no purpose other than data mining. Google purposely does not allow you to have app permissions as they once accidently released the feature (hidden I believe). So obviously, they have made a conscious choice to not give users this ability. Apple is a bit better and does allow you to not allow certain apps to have access to some data.

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