Ubuntu Touch Gets USB Tethering, Makes Bq and Meizu Release EXCITING

iOS and Android are ruling the world of mobile operating systems, being followed by Windows Phone and BlackBerry. But there’s room for more, and here’s what Ubuntu Touch brings to the table.
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As Windows Phone tries to increase its market share, new mobile operating systems are also looking to get a piece of the cake, Samsung’s Tizen and Mozilla’s Firefox OS being some of the latest contenders. As BlackBerry is struggling to regain its lost fame, smaller players like Sailfish OS and Ubuntu Touch hope for a place in this crowded market.

Ubuntu Touch is in continuous development, and now it seems that developers have brought a new exciting feature. USB tethering has been implemented and this allows users to access the Internet via their phones. This is a standard feature for Android, so it’s nice to see that Ubuntu brings it on smartphones, as well. As of now, Windows Phone and iOS don’t have it, so it could be another winning feature for Ubuntu Touch.

Thus, with this new feature, you can surf the web on a computer that has no access to an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi hardware. At the moment, USB tethering is not yet automated and here’s what Ubuntu developer Oliver Grawert said about:

“Yesterday I finally got around to land a proper network-manager config (and a few watcher upstart jobs to enable it at the right time) so that USB (wired) tethering now works and you can use your Ubuntu Phone as network gateway for your PC/laptop.”

There are some codes that you can run in order to get the feature working, but it’s better to wait for a RTM version of operating system. The autumn launch of the Bq and Meizu phones is much-awaited by Ubuntu lovers and with the addition of this new useful features, it’s going to be even more exciting!

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One thought on “Ubuntu Touch Gets USB Tethering, Makes Bq and Meizu Release EXCITING”

  1. I don’t know about now, but back when I was using an iPhone 3G, I was able to use USB tethering. I now use a Samsung Ativ S Neo running Windows Phone 8.1 and I can use it as a wifi hotspot and Bluetooth tethering was just added in the most recent Update release. It’s great that it can be enabled in Touch, but I don’t think it’s as unique as you claim.

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