BBM Available for Download on Windows Phone, But You CAN’T Make Free Voice Calls Yet

Many folks have been looking forward to the release of the BlackBerry Messenger app on Windows Phone, and it has finally been made available for download, albeit still in Beta mode. Let’s see more details about it.

bbm windows phone

The official BBM Beta app for Windows Phone users is available as a free download now, and you can follow the link at the end of the article to get it on your handset, as well. The first version of BlackBerry Messenger for Windows Phone lets you chat and share content, but it can’t be used to make free voice calls, which is possible in Android and iOS devices.

Here’s what BlackBerry said about the first version:

“We’re excited to offer BBM to Windows Phone users! V1 focuses on bringing the speed, privacy and security of BBM – loved by millions around the world – to chatting and sharing through 1:1, multiperson and BBM Group chats. We’re already working hard on V2 where we’ll introduce additional features to BBM for Windows Phone.”

By using BBM on your Windows Phone handset, you can chat with friends who are on Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Here are the features available for chat and groups:

• Know when messages have been delivered (D’s) and read (R’s)
• Quickly share photos, voice notes, BBM contacts and your location
• See when contacts are responding to your message
• Emoticons for every mood and emotion let you express yourself
• Groups – BBM groups help you share pictures, lists and appointments with group members. You can even be in a group with people who aren’t part of your own BBM contact list.
• Multi-person chats – Invite multiple contacts to have a chat together.
• Broadcast messages – Send a message to multiple BBM contacts at one time.

With BBM, you can protect and control your privacy by using PINs instead of phone numbers or email addresses. You can also create your own BBM profile, which is a nice social feature. Go ahead and follow the link from below to get it on your handset.

Download BBM Beta for Windows Phone

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