Why Tizen Smartphones Could be a Terrible Idea

Android and iOS are ruling the global market of mobile operating systems, but Samsung wants to get rid of its dependency on Google. That’s why it’s looking to develop its own in-house mobile operating system.
tizen smartphone Samsung is yet to release the flagship Tizen OS-powered Galaxy Z smartphone, and chances are that it will get a gold treatment. Previously, it was said that Acer, Asus and even HTC had plans of releasing Tizen-powered handsets, but these plans have never been transformed into reality. At least not yet.

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Tizen fans all over the world are still looking forward to the release of the Galaxy Z smartphone, which was once delayed once more. Many are wondering what is the real reason behind this, since we all know Samsung is an expert in supply chain and there aren’t issues in that matter.

My personal opinion is that Samsung wants to be sure that Tizen won’t be a flop and there’s a big chance of that happening. Smartphones and tablets are basically not that much different from feature phones if they don’t have the right apps. That’s why today, app developers choose the platforms with the most users.

Samsung is well aware of that and that’s why, in order toattract developers to Tizen, Samsung offered $4 million to developers to create new apps in the “Tizen App Challenge” last year. That’s because developers will create apps for alternative smartphone operating systems like Tizen, Firefox OS , and Ubuntu if their effort is worth it.

App developers generally launch apps for Android and iOS first, with a predilection towards iPhone and iPad, since iOS owners convert better into revenue for them. Windows Phone is left on the third place, while BlackBerry and others don’t even get most of the apps, perhaps.

At the Tizen App Challenge, devs created decent apps, but it seems that these weren’t enough to make Tizen a viable alternative mobile OS. And Samsung has already invested a lot of money into this. So, if the single way to make developers create apps for Tizen is by organizing contest, then this is indeed a terrible idea. That’s also the reason why Samsung is pondering so much over this. It needs to know whether they’ll make a profit or not.

MotleyFool has recently summarized quite well why Samsung can’t afford to take this risk:

“Launching an alternative OS smartphone is also something you’d expect from underdogs, not market leaders. Firefox OS, for example, is mainly supported by Alcatel , ZTE , and Huawei . Meizu and BQ back the smartphone version of Ubuntu. Launching a Tizen phone makes Samsung look like an adult who’s dressing up in kids’ clothes.”

So, what’s your take on this? Do you think Tizen has chances of survival?

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One thought on “Why Tizen Smartphones Could be a Terrible Idea”

  1. I think the more OSs available, the better! And actually, can developers make them more individual, both in how they look and what they do, please!?

    Does Tizen run apps in HTML5? I was just wondering because Ubuntu, Firefox and Sailfish do and so, although these OSs individually only have a tiny market share, when grouped together it makes it seem more worthwhile for coders to spend time creating apps.

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