White Xbox One to Get Released in Bundle With Sunset Overdrive

The Xbox One is currently available in the standard black colour. But a new leak has provided a look at what seems to be a white Xbox One bundled with Microsoft’s open-world shooter Sunset Overdrive. Continue reading below to find out the exact details of the leak, and when we expect the bundle to release.


You might not be a fan of Microsoft’s standard, dull black Xbox One. Well, you might be able to get it in white too. Recently, a French retailer listed and then removed a white Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive console bundle priced at €399.

Free white and silver Xbox Ones were previously given out to members of the Xbox One’s internal development team. A few of them also tried to earn a few bucks and put the exclusive consoles on sale on eBay, which fetched more than $ 3,500 on the selling site.

But now the console will be able in white too. We’re predicting that the bundle release will coincide with Sunset Overdrive’s launch, which is set to be released to the public this October 28th.


Microsoft may publicly announce the bundle at its Gamescom briefing this August 12th. Seeing that Microsoft finally gave in to the public demand for a white Xbox One, the Redmond giant may also decide to release a white console on its own later in the future. Other unconfirmed reports also reveal that Microsoft may also be planning a 1TB version of the console next year, for media heavy fans.

Meanwhile, Sony is also planning to release a white PS4 as part of a Destiny bundle this year. As of writing, the console will only be available in Europe, with no plans for a North America or worldwide announced being revealed or announced. Microsoft will also be releasing a Madden NFL 15 (black Xbox One) bundle later this month on August 26th.


Be sure to let us know what you think of a white Xbox One in the comments section below.

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