PewDiePie on YOUR iPHONE! Get His Official App Now

PewDiePie has managed recently to become the most watched YouTube channel ever and rumor has it that the witty video maker is allegedly pulling in more than $4 million in ads per year. And now, he has released an iPhone app for all his fans out there!

pewdiepie iphone

PewDiePie is nearing an absolute record of having 30 million people subscribe to his channel, which is a very impressive achievement. Probably to get ready for that milestone, Maker Studios has created a free PewDiePie app for his YouTube fans. You can follow the link at the end of the article to download it on your iPhone and iPad.

The free app was released for iPhone by multi-channel network Maker Studios with whom Felix Kjellberg has signed a partnership. By using this app, fans can  watch his videos, and create their own feed of favourites, while sharing individual clips with friends via Twitter, Facebook, text message and email.
pewdiepie iphone app
Mobile devices already account for nearly 40% of YouTube’s global watch time, so it makes a lot of sense for Kjellberg to bank on that. Here’s how the official description of the app sounds like:

“How’s it going, bros. My name is PewDiePie. Now you can get the latest and greatest gameplay videos delivered directly to you everyday with the official PewDiePie app powered by Maker Studios. Fridays with PewDiePie, Best of, Collabs and of course PewDiePie’s Let’s Play video are now available wherever you go.”

The app has been designed for iPhones, but it’ll also work on iPod Touch and iPad, as well. However, there are some users complaining with the app’s behavior on iPads:

“The app itself is good, I love it that now I can keep up with all of pewds’ videos, cos I my subscription box is always filled with too much videos. However as I have it on iPad for some reason I can not see the logo of the app on the home screen. I know this doesn’t affect the app however I just feel it would be better if you can optimise the app for iPad. ”

Download PewDiePie app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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