Ebola Virus Spreads ENORMOUSLY Fast, But the US Is Not Infected

World Health Organization (WHO) warns about the high level of infection of the deadly virus of Ebola. The virus still spreads enormously fast by the Australia, Uganda, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The outcome of this infection appears to be very dangerous and deadly.

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Ebola, the hemorrhagic fever, was named after the river in DR Congo, where the plague was firstly recognized, way back in 1976, where the number of deaths was reaching 90 percents. The virus is also characteristic for the Saharan region of Africa.

The symptoms of Ebola are fever, pain in the throat and muscles, vomiting and diarrhea. There are no known medication and vaccine for Ebola, the only thing that could be done is three-week incubation of the infected in the special rooms with alarmed exits. The experimental serum is injected to all infected.

You can get infected if you get in direct contact with infected animal’s blood or sweat. The most critical species are monkeys and bats. It is believed that bats can infect you even if you’re not in direct contact with them. Infected people could also spread the infection by coughing.

Africa is mainly affected by this plague, but recently, there were some reports that man from the US caught Ebola. A man was isolated at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, but fortunately turned out to be negative on this virus. A patient, who remains unidentified, was put in the isolation room because he had recently traveled to a West African country andallegedly had a fever.

Fortunately, this was the false alarm, but this terrible disease is a big threat for the whole humanity. Some reports also say that there is a big possibility that the virus of Ebola will arrive in Europe, soon. So something must be done, in order to prevent people from further infections. Since the beginning of the year WHO registered more than 730 dead and 1323 infected.

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