iPad Air 2 to get RELEASED with Touch ID Sensor, These Pictures Suggest

The amount of rumors, leaks and hearsay related to Apple’s upcoming products is growing bigger with every year and I’m sure that you’ve had enough of reading many stories that don’t add anything. We hope to shed some light with this piece.

ipad air 2 launch

The Touch ID sensor is an amazing piece of technology, currently exclusive to the iPhone 5s. For those who aren’t aware of its purpose, the Touch ID is a fingerprint recognition feature, which allows users to unlock their iPhone and make purchases on iTunes Store, the App Store and iBookstore. The fingerprint information is securely stored locally on the Apple A7 chip.

ipad air 2 release

Despite being unveiled with the release of the iPhone 5s a few good months ago, the fingerprint sensor is still a novelty and it will take time until mobile users around the world perceive it as a standard. That’s why it makes sense for the upcoming iPad to include a Touch ID sensor – it’ll add increased security and it will be better used for enterprise customers, as that’s the field where Tim Cook sees new growth for the iPad.

Plus, let’s not forget that Apple has an entire facility built in Arizona specifically for the production of sapphire panels. Of course, most of these will go into the next-generation iPhone handsets and potentially in the production of the iWatch, but part of them could also be used for the fingerprint scanner on the upcoming iPads.

What’s your take on this – do you see the use in a fingerprint-enabled iPad or you think this feature should belong to smaller devices? Sound off in the section from below by leaving your comment.

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