Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer REVEALED, as Release Date is Official

The official debut of the trailer of Mad Max: Fury Road at Comin Con festival last month made Comic Con visitors lose their sane selves and go nuts. Well, why shouldn’t they, since Mad Max:Fury Road is going to be a whole new treat for action-movie aficionados . With intense action-packed scenes and a riveting story, Mad Max surely seems to be one of the best movies of 2015.


Mad Max: Fury Road, which is slated to be released on 15 May 2015 boasts a star-studded cast; the cast has the British actor who played Bane in the Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy, the veteran American actor Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Zoe Kravitz, the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Riley Keough and many others.

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The nearly 3 minute clip showed at Comic Con gives a detailed look of the type of action sequences infused in the movie, the actors and the roles that they are going to play. The clips starts off with Tom Hardy, playing the titular role Mad Max Rockatansky, standing next to his car and uttering “My name is Max, my world is fire and blood” before being seen chased and captured by a group of other wild-looking people.

The  insanity which ensues after the first scene in the trailer is truly captivating. The scenes following the opening scene in the trailer clearly show Charlize Theron with a shaved head, playing the role of Imperator Furiosa, in some dramatic battle scenes with Tom Hardy.

The movie is a reboot of George Miller’s 1979 movie Mad Max which starred Mel Gibson in the titular role. The reboot is also directed by George Miller who has called the remake an “almost continuous chase.” The story revolves around a post-apocalyptic world where Mad Max meets Imperator Furiosa, a woman who seeks to cross a dangerous desert.

Can Mad Max: Fury Road be as successful as the 1979 Mad Max

About the film, George Miller has said the following:

“Of course it’s based on the same character that they’ll play, the lone warrior in the wasteland disengaged from the rest of the world. But naturally Tom brings his Tom Hardy-ness to it, and the story is different to some degree. The character is different to some degree”

The best thing about Mad Max: Fury Road is that almost all the car-smashes and stunts are real and not computer generated. Moreover, most of the stunts are done by the actors themselves. About the real action scenes, George Miller says the following:

“Mad Max is not a superhero. We don’t defy the laws of physics, it’s not a fantasy film. It’s basically a western on wheels. And I think if people see, I know when I see too much CG, that sort of takes me out of the experience. You want to have that sort of almost, I’m not going to say documentary experience, but you want to feel it like you’re really immersed, like it’s really happening. So we decided to literally do every car that’s smashed is smashed, every stunt is a real human being, even the actors do a lot of their own stunts, and so on.”

The trailer shows Mad Max:Fury Road to be a promising action-packed movie and until May 15th arrives, I believe Mad Max lovers can repeatedly munch on the trailer alone.

George Miller has said that by making Mad Max:Fury Road he is fulfilling the desires of thousands of his fans who always wanted him to make a movie where there’s more action and less dialogues.

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