WATCH the Maze Runner Trailer as Release Date is Already Official

Popular young-adult novel “Maze Runner” finally got its first screening. The new Maze Runner movie will hit theaters in October 10. You might think that this is another joyful kids adventure, but believe me, it’s not.

maze runner trailer release

The film based on James Dashner’s hugely successful novel will see Teen Wolf’s star Dylan playing Thomas, along with Thomas Sangster, who played Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones. The boys will find themselves living amongst a group of other boys who have no idea how they ended up in ‘The Glade’, a virtual prison.

Another notable members of the cast are BAFTA Rising Star winner Will Poulter and Skins actress Kaya Scodelario, who plays the first girl to end up in The Glade. The movie was directed by Wes Ball and script by Noah Oppenheim.

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Of course, just like everything from the popular culture these days, more details about this move were revealed at ComicCon in San Diego.  At the event, the stars, along with Dashner and director Wes Ball, gave an interview to, revealing that this movie is going to be one terrifying ride. Kaya and Will revealed that fans will be shocked by the depiction of the book’s famous baddies, the Grievers, biomechanical killing machines.

All of that sent us a message which says that the Maze Runners is not a kids movie, like some of you probably though in first place. This movie will have to compete with big names of similar storyline, like this year’s Divergent and The Hunger Games franchise. Although some people believe that this movie is just a copy of mentioned movies, but creators of The Maze Runner are strongly disagreeing with that:

“That’s something that might separate this, I think, being like one of those YA movies that are coming out. I so genuinely don’t think it’s like that. It totally exists in its own right and like he said, it could easily be taken as a kid’s movie just objectively, but there is a real sense- there’s this gravitas to it It’s really, really mature in that aspect of performances and just the story.”

You can check out the newly released trailer for The Maze Runners above.

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