DDR4 Release Date: Here are the LATEST Details to Know

Crucial has recently announced pre-order prices for its new line of DDR4 memory products. Crucial will offer three launching plans for this component, including standard, Ballistix Sport and Ballistix Elite plans. As expected, the new, fourth generation of  double data rate will be improved compared to DDR3, and you can check out the main differences below.
DDR4’s primary improvements compared to DDR3, are that it includes faster clock frequencies and data transfer rates. It supports 2133–4266 MT/s compared to DDR3’s 800 to 2133 MT/s sand lower voltage with current remaining the same. Switched memory banks are also an anticipated option for servers.

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The new chips will use a 1.2 V supply with a 2.5 V auxiliary supply for wordline boost called Vpp, versus the standard 1.5 V of DDR3 chips, with lower voltage variants at 1.05 V appearing in 2013. DDR4 is expected to be introduced at transfer rates of 2133 MT/s, estimated to rise to a potential 4266 MT/s by 2013. The minimum transfer rate of 2133 MT/s was said to be due to progress made in DDR3 speeds which, being likely to reach 2133 MT/s, left little commercial benefit to specifying DDR4 below this speed.

The various models will be available for pre-order in the UK, including 4x4GB (16GB) and 4x8GB (32GB) kits of entry-level PC4-17000C16 2,133MHz DDR4 on bare circuit boards, priced at £169.99 and £329.99. Next products to hit the stores are Crucial Ballistix Sport’s 4x4GB (16GB) and 4x8GB (32GB) kits, which will add the heat-spreaders and upgrade the specification to PC4-19200C16 2,400MHz. The 16GB kit is priced at £179.99, and the 32GB kit comes for the price of £359.99.

And the third plan of Crucial’s DDR4 launch line-up is the company’s Ballistix Elite family plan. This plan includes 4x4GB (16GB) and 4x8GB (32GB) kits, with the PC4-21300C15 2,666MHz versions priced at £239.99 and £479.99,  and the faster PC4-24000C15 3,000MHz versions priced at £329.99.

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