Microsoft to Release The New 10.6 Inch Surface Pro 4 Tablet In October

Microsoft has said that the new 10.6 Surface Pro 3 tablet will be available later this year, more precisely in October. It is said that the new tablet will be thinner and lighter than current 12 inch version of the Surface Pro 3.

According to sources from a Taiwanese site DigiTimes, the production of the brand new 10.6 inch tablet will start in August. Additionally, the massive production of this device will start in September. It is much likely that this device will support the new SurfacePan, as well. But, you have to get these news with a little dose of reserve, because it is known that Microsoft axed the Surface Mini, but we hope that it won’t be the case with this device.

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When Microsoft launches the new Surface tablet in October, that will be the third straight time that Microsoft releases the Surface tablet in that time of the year. Just for the reminder, the Surface RT and the Surface 2 were also released in October, back in the day.

Just for a reminder, the Surface 2 features a 10.6-inch TFT display with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels screen resolution and 208 ppi pixel density. The device has a quad-core (Nvidia Tegra 4 T40) 1.7 GHz Cortex-A15 processor and it runs on Microsoft Windows 8.1 RT OS. The Surface 2 also has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage capacity, and you can expend it up to 64GB, with a microSD card. If we talk about cameras, the device features a 5MP rear camera with LED flash, and a 3.5MP front camera. Besides standard connectivity options like Wi-Fi, USB v3.0 and Bluetooth v4.0, the tablet also supports 4G LTE.

In addition, because of the new politic of Microsoft, this device could be axed anytime if the company doesn’t feel that they create a unique value proposition. But, considering that the Surface Pro 3 is priced at $799, and there are no cheaper options for buying this device, it is very likely that Microsoft will come up with a cheaper device, just to fill the low-end gap.

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  1. Or you could be wrong, and what they are launching is the Surface 3, to replace the Surface 2 running Windows RT. Now ask yourself, does that mean a Modern UI version of Office will be available to ship on that device, even if it is a pre-release?

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