Apple to launch next-gen MacBook Pro with Intel Haswell and Retina Display in September

After the launch of the new MacBook Air with Intel Haswell processor in June, rumors suggest that Apple now plans to launch the much-awaited update for the MacBook Pro. The new updated Pro is expected to launch in September with Retina Display and Intel’s Haswell processor.

The report comes from a Hong-Kong based supply chain monitor called EMSone. With the new generation Haswell, the upcoming MacBook Pro will feature improved power management and better graphics processing power.

The new Intel Haswell processor is built on Intel’s 22-nanometer manufacturing process and its key feature is the massive improvement to the battery life and graphics performance. The CPU performance is similar to that of the previous generation Ivy Bridge processors.

It is likely that the new MacBook Pro will feature an SKU which will have Intel’s Iris Pro 5200 GPU instead of a NVIDIA GPU. The Iris Pro GPU has been built by Intel to compete with NVIDIA and AMD based discrete GPU offerings which have been the choices for Apple’s flagship notebooks in the past.

All of this is yet rumor and is to be confirmed by Apple, hopefully as we get closer to the launch we can expect more information on the same.

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