World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition coming to Retail Version

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World of Tanks is a combat game which was developed by This game has three tank subdivisions (light, medium, heavy). The maps and the type of mission (Standard, Encounter or Assault) are elected by the game itself.

In an online battle, there are 30 tanks split into two teams. You and your allies have to plan an assault that will be unstoppable by your enemies.

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“It did take a lot of our efforts to convince Microsoft that free-to-play was something worth doing on Xbox, but it will be a historical moment when the first huge free-to-play game arrives on consoles.”

He also said “It’s the beginning of a new era, and Microsoft will understand that when they see the first check.”

This game also includes some micro-transactions which allow you buy with real money. However, don’t pick up your torches and pitchforks yet, you cannot buy as much stuff in the game as in other games, so buying a tank or some gold won’t be much of an advantage over others. recently announced that the World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition “Combat Ready” retailer pack for the free game will be releasing on 12 August in North and South America and 29 August in Europe. is now on track with Microsoft to bring the free game to stores. The price will be $20. The disc package includes a German vehicle known as the “Panzer 38H Tier II Light Tank”.

The retail bundle consists of 200,000 silver, 1,500 gold. It also compromises of 3 days Premium account time which helps in earning silver and gold 50 percent quicker and a 30-day Xbox Live Gold Membership.

World of Tanks also received a large update which included 29 U.S.S.R vehicles and two new maps “Komarin and Ensk”.

The game is outstanding with over 150 vehicles and amazing graphics but the free version of the game is still missing some features of the PC version.

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