Windows Phone ‘Mango’ Now Available for OEMs

In the mobile OS space, Microsoft is yet to make its mark and the upcoming ‘Mango’ for your Windows Phone 7 devices is expected to play a major role in making it possible. While the company is already working on bringing the update to existing devices, they have made a new announcement stating that the Mango update has now been made available for manufacturers.

The official name of the update is still a mystery, as we know it is still referred to as ‘Mango’, which is its codename. The company has previously mentioned that the update will be available on existing Windows Phone smartphones sometime in September.

This being said, we are expecting that manufacturer may launch new Mango devices sooner than expected, considering that the fact that it is now available for them. However, it is yet to see what impact it will have on the market which currently is flooding with Android and iOS devices.

Reportedly, Mango has over 500 new features including major upgrades in communication features, improved web browsing experience and Bing integration.

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