Vodafone, Idea and Airtel to share 3G Networks

An interesting turn in the 3G scenario has taken place in the Indian market as three major mobile operators have now come together to share their 3G networks. Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and Vodafone will now use each each others’ network through inter-circle and intra-circle roaming agreements, which will eventually provide seamless 3G experience to their customers.

Airtel has licenses for 13 circles in India including Delhi and Mumbai, Idea controls 11 circles and and Vodafone is a 9 circles, in regards to 3G services. As no operator covers the entire nation, it is obvious that they need to team-up to enable their 3G services nationwide.

Idea Cellular has entered into an intra-circle roaming agreement with Vodafone to introduce its 3G service in Delhi and Kolkata, which obviously comes under Vodafone, while Airtel has teamed up with Idea to bring its 3G service in Karnataka, Mysore and Bangalore.

Vodafone has already rolled out its 3G service in Andhra Pradesh and Kerla by entering an agreement with Idea. Uttar Pradesh (West) is another circle where Vodafone will soon introduce it 3G service through Airtel’s network.

Finally, Airtel has entered in an intra-circle roaming agreement with Idea, so that it can bring its 3G service in the Gujarat circle.

No operator has yet unveiled any revenue sharing arrangements amongst each other, although it is very obvious that they have already jotted it down. Let us just hope it makes the 3G network around us a bit more efficient than before.

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