Samsung to launch Galaxy S III with unlocked bootloader on Verizon Wireless

The term ‘bootloader’ may not mean anything to an average consumer, however Android hackers even those who just want to install a custom ROM would have some knowledge about the word. Let’s keep it simple, an unlocked bootloader will allow the user to root their Android phone with much ease, then allowing you to install custom ROMs or do other things which require root access.

So far, manufacturer have released majority of their smartphones with locked bootloaders, mainly due to the role of carries in the phone launch. There have been just a few smartphones which featured unlocked bootloaders, but the best ones were always left locked.

Now, Samsung and Verizon Wireless have launched the Galaxy S III Developer Edition, which will allow users to unlock the bootloader without making a big mess. Those interested in purchasing this device can get it directly from Samsung’s online store.

Of course the consequences of fiddling with its software won’t be included in the warranty. The Samsung Galaxy S III Developer Edition will sell for $599 and will be available for everyone.

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