This Desktop runs on Solar Power, Courtesy Simmtronics Semiconductors

If you are interested in green technology, here is a company which has launched the very first solar powered desktop computer in the Indian market. The company is called Simmtronics Semiconductors and honestly, this is the first time I’m hearing about this company, but I feel great that a green desktop is finally available in my country.

As the desktop is powered by the sun, it is a computer mainly targeted for areas which have frequent power cuts or even villages, where electricity is still a mystery to many. This solar powered computer is priced at just INR 28,990, which includes the solar setup and one year on-site warranty. Well, it is about time computers hit our villages!

When being powered by the gigantic ball made up mainly of hydrogen and helium, the computer also saves up some power which allows it to run for another 10 hours in the absence of sunlight.

Obviously, at such an affordable price, you cannot expect a monster in terms of specs, but the device seems perfect for internet browsing (although this is another problem in areas where there is constant load shedding or electricity is absent most of the time), office work and probably listen to some music and watch a movie or two.

It is powered by a Via C7 1.6 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, includes 160GB HDD and a 15.6-inch LED monitor. The keyboard and mouse are included and the operating system on the computer is Linux. The solar kit includes a 74W solar panel with charge controller, SMF battery and AC inverter.

So, do you anything to say to Simmtronics?

6 thoughts on “This Desktop runs on Solar Power, Courtesy Simmtronics Semiconductors”

  1. It is a brilliant idea – I like it because it is a stand-alone set up. Obviously everyone could get a solar panel for their home – but buying the whole system together makes it much more user friendly.

  2. high time we had technology like this coming up, it would be better if our IT companies which are big energy hogs start using some clean power

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