Symbian Foundation Unveils a few Symbian^4 Screens

Well, many may consider that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two mobile platforms which may be widely used around the world. It may sound surprising but the fact is that Nokia is the still the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer and last year it held a brilliant 40% market share. However, these numbers are now dropping and some other company may soon replace it.

Nokia has fallen drastically in the North American market, but the company has not yet given up and plans to return with a blast. We have heard that Nokia will very soon be announcing MeeGo based phones and tablets. Also, it looks like they are still not giving up on Symbian as on Friday, Symbian Foundation released a bunch of screenshots for Symbian^4. From the looks of it, the new Symbian^4 seems to be a complete change and has the modern appeal which it lacked for such a long time.

So, what is your take? Do you think that Symbian^4 will be able to compete in the market along with Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 or should Nokia concentrate more on MeeGo than Symbian?

Source: Symbian Developer

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