Sega Interested in making Kinect More Sophisticated

Sega the famous Japanese video game developer/publisher and a console maker is now working on bringing a “more sophisticate” game to the Microsoft Kinect. Mike Hayes, Sega’s Western Chief was talking to the guys from the video gaming site CVG and it looked like Hayes had some really interesting things to talk about Kinect.

According to Hayes, Move games will be much better than Kinect after both the accessories are made available. He says that;

“Move is … that kind of motion control with Wii and to be honest what we did with EyeToy etc. before, so it’s probably easier for Sony to show and deliver more right now.”

Later, the guys over at CVG asked Hayes about what kind of games would Sega would be developing for the Microsoft Kinect, Hayes mentioned that they were looking to do more clever things with the device, and it would include things which will appeal the hardcore gamers.

He mentioned:

Is that something Sega is interested in? Creating a more a sophisticated title or titles for Kinect that may appeal to a hardcore gamer?

Yeah. We want to do more clever things on it – create original ways of using it, rather than just taking existing ideas and not just doing the same thing. Having said that, of course, with the success that we’ve had with Wii, there are a lot of motion games we would like to reinvent for Move and Kinect.

We’ve got a tech group based in England, in Southall [Middlesex]. We took them from the Racing Studio when we closed that as it was actually a very good team – we just couldn’t find something for them to do. They’re sat with their test tubes and Bunsen burners and that’s exactly what they’re doing – using the new devices to see what we can do in an original way.

We’ve got one good idea and hopefully something will be out the back end of next year, perhaps early 2012, which we think will use the aspects of Kinect a lot more originally and in a more sophisticated way.

Other things in the interview concluded that there won’t be any sequel for Alpha Protocol, as the first one did not go as expected. Also, it looks like Saturn Games won’t be reaching the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade.

Source: CVG

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