Say Goodbye to Android Oreo because Octopus is Here!

Google has made a tradition of always naming its operating systems after sweet desserts and this is exactly what everyone is expecting of Android 8.0. In fact, many people strongly believe that Android 8.0 is going to be dubbed as Oreo. The reason why people believe this will happen is because Google itself refers to Android 8.0 as “O” and also because Google’s own Senior Vice President uploaded a picture of an Oreo at the same time when the first news about Android 8.0 came out.

Android Oreo

One strong argument which points out that Google will go with the codename Oreo is the fact that Google already teamed up with the company that owns the rights to Oreo when Android Kit Kat was launched. In addition, everybody loves Oreo and this would help boost the popularity of Android 8.0.

Android Octopus

Even though Android Oreo might sound tasty, Google doesn’t seem to care about that. From the looks of it, Android O might end up being dubbed as Octopus. The reason why I am saying this is because Google recently decided to replace the Easter Egg image in the latest Android O developer preview with a cute black octopus. Another interesting thing that leads me to believe that Google is actually going to use Octopus instead of Oreo is because a while ago, a bunch of Google engineers did a Reddit AMA and they showed interest towards using the name Octopus.

The End of a Tradition

While the codename of an operating system might not sound like something too important, loyal Android fans will have to disagree. This is a cool tradition that Google has and that Android fans care for. However, if Google does decide to go with Octopus instead of Oreo, this will not change anything because Android 8.0 will certainly still be filled with innovative features and great performance tweaks.

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