Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Changed


Most online sources suggested, in the near past, that the South-Korean company, Samsung, will release the new Galaxy 8 smartphone in August. The tech informant Evan Blass disagrees and seems to be under the impression that the giant corporation will release its new device at the end of September. He did not reveal the exact day of the big release, but some agree with him.

Many are curious to find out the exact date, especially since Samsung has released the Galaxy Note devices for the past two years only in August. Others believe that the IFA conference (beginning of September) will be the perfect place for the big announcement.

Other followers believe that if Samsung will release the new Galaxy Note 8 in September, it will be a sign that they have returned to the past in which the Galaxy Note devices were unveiled during fall (September or October). Another rumor is that Samsung changed its strategy and they do not want to hurry the device-making process, in order to avoid the flaws found in Galaxy Note 7. It is said that they were in a hurry to present the Galaxy Note 7 device because they wanted it to be released before Apple’s iPhone7.

Online reports suggest that the date was pushed back because of the capacity sensor found on the rear panel of the Galaxy Note 8, and this modification takes more time.

The price for a Galaxy Note 8 device is said to be around 900 $ in the U.S and 999 € in Europe. The device will have a 6.3-inch display and it may come in several colors (black, blue, gold). In terms of power and memory, the device will have 6GB of RAM and a 3.300AH battery.

All that is left is to wait for an official stamen on behalf of the Samsung company with the release date.

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