Pixel 2 May Not Feature a 3.5mm Audio Jack

One of the most anticipated smartphones of this year is Google’s upcoming Pixel 2. The standard bar is raised really high for Pixel 2 since it will represent Google’s vision of a perfect Android powered device and there’s no room for error. Obviously, the smartphone will be a beast when it comes to hardware power but rumor has it that Google will try to follow in Apple’s footsteps and remove the classic 3.5mm audio jack.

Leaked Render

The reason why the entire tech community believes that Google has decided to remove to the 3.5mm audio jack is because a recent leaked render of Pixel 2 shows the smartphone without the headphone jack. The leak comes from Steve Hemmerstoffer who is a known and reliable leakster that rarely makes mistakes when it comes predicting upcoming tech devices and innovative features.

Wireless Headphones

As everyone already knows by now, when Apple decided to remove the 3.55mm jack on iPhone 7 it also offered people an alternative, the wireless AirPods. These wireless headphones make use of Apple’s W1 chip and they are really easy to connect. Now, the question that remain is if Google will launch its own wireless headphones or if people will be forced to use dongles instead? Sadly, the Android parent doesn’t want to answer any question about Pixel 2 and its still trying to keep everything under wraps but the truth will come out in the end.

Design Changes

Another interesting thing that we can notice in the Pixel 2 render is that the larger model will feature some design changes. What we mean by this is that Pixel 2 XL will ship with a more premium design which features thinner boarders and a refined glass black plate. Nonetheless, everything we know so far is based on rumors and they are still subjective to change.

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