Palm finally comes to HP, promises WebOS based Tablets, Smartphones and Netbooks

On Thursday, Hewlett-Packard finalized its $1.2 billion deal of Palm’s acquisition and also confirmed that the company will use the WebOS in future netbooks and tablets. After the announcement of the deal a lot of reports suggested that HP would extent the operating system to various platforms including printers, tablets, smartphones and computers. In its statement HP mentioned that Palm will be responsible for WebOS software development and WebOS-based hardware product. HP clearly states that they will be working on WebOS based smartphones, tablets and netbooks.

HP has previously shown us the HP Slate which runs Windows 7 and they also released information about some of their future devices. We have also heard a lot of rumors about the HP Hurricane which apparently was about to be the first WebOS based tablet from HP.

This recently acquired Palm unit will report to the executive vice president of HP’s Personal System Group, Todd Bradley. The company projects to compete in a $100 billion market of smartphones and mobile devices. Palm has been long gone and now it is like they have got another chance to make it in the same market where they pioneered. The WebOS is a really good mobile operating system and with hardware support from HP, it looks like we are in for some brilliant devices.

Source: Network World

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