Now Ask Question and Get Answers on Facebook

Facebook is soon about to bring a really brilliant application which will make it much easier for their users to get their problems solved. Facebook has now launched a new question and answers application which will allow you to ask a question and get quality answers from the huge pool of 500 million users.

Facebook explains;

“With this new application, you can get a broader set of answers and learn valuable information from people knowledgeable on a range of topics. Keep in mind that all questions and answers posted using the Questions application are public and visible to everyone on the Internet. If you only want to ask a question to your friends or a specific group of people, you can still pose it as a status update on your profile targeted to those people.”

There is a chance that this may later get a bit messy and there may be a lot of spam entering this application. I think that Facebook should make some changes this application before the launch, they can probably come with an award or rating system for those who answers the questions, so that users will know the answers they should be looking at.

Source: Facebook Blog

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