Nexus 6P Bootloop Mode can be Fixed with This Easy Trick

The Android parent has made a tradition of teaming up with other tech companies and designing great smartphones together. The perfect example of this is Nexus 6P that is the result of Google’s partnership with Huawei. Nexus 6P is an all-round high performing smartphone, but it does have one major problem though. Even though Nexus 6P is a highly optimized smartphone, it’s still affected by the dreaded bootloop mode.

Bootloop Mode

Nexus 6P smartphones have been plagued by the bootloop mode since last year and there is no official way of fixing it. Sadly, the bootloop mode is caused by hardware malfunction which means that it cannot be fixed through a simple and easy OTA (over the air) update. To make things even worse, Huawei refuses to repair any Nexus 6P devices that don’t have warranty.

Quick Fix

Considering that this malfunction causes the smartphone to be nothing more than paper weight since it boots over and over, Nexus 6P owners had no option than to look for an unofficial method of getting rid of it themselves. This is where the XDA Forum member “XCnathan32” comes into play.

The XDA Forum member found out that Nexus 6P is able to completely boot if the larger CPU cluster is disabled. No one knows why Nexus 6P’s larger CPU cluster doesn’t allow it from booting but “XCnathan32” proved that it will completely boot once its set to run only on four of its eight processor cores.


This is an unofficial fix and there is a downside to it. The smartphone will be powered by only half of the processor’s cores which means that it will start being laggy. However, owning a laggy smartphone is much better than a broken one. Nexus 6P owners can use this method to get important data such as pictures or documents that they stored on the smartphone’s storage space.

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